How do I become a volunteer at Magenta?

To become a volunteer at Magenta, first complete the Volunteer Inquiry Form. A member of our team will contact you to schedule your volunteer orientation and training.

Is everyone required to attend a volunteer orientation?

Yes. It is important that every volunteer attends volunteer orientation so you are properly oriented to Magenta's facility and safety protocols. You will also be added to our volunteer system at this time so you can sign-up for upcoming volunteer opportunities.

How do I reset my Volgistics password?

1. Click on the "forgot password" button on the Volgistics login page. 2. Wait for an email from Volgistics with instructions to reset your password. (If you don't receive an email within 24 hours, check your spam folder). 3. Click on the link in the email to reset your password. 4. Create your new password. • It must be between 8 and 30 characters long. • Contain both letters and numbers. • Contain a combination of both uppercase and lower case letters. • Contain at least one character that is not a letter or number, such as !#$& or ?.



Can I exchange my ticket for another night?

Yes. If you need to change your reservation, a $5 handling fee ($2 per person for GROUPS) will be assessed per order.

What is Magenta's refund policy?

Magenta does not offer refunds for no-shows or latecomers.

What is Magenta's inclement weather policy?

If a performance is canceled due to weather, we will try to accommodate with another performance date of that production. If that is not possible, a gift certificate for a future production will be issued. No cash refunds unless we cancel a performance due to non-weather reasons.


What is the age limit for audience members?

Magenta Theater is a family-friendly company and encourages the participation and attendance of our younger fans and supporters at its shows. For our MagenTOTS productions, children of all ages are welcome to attend. Children under the age of two (2) are free. For all other performances, including Main Stage Shows, MIT, MagentaROCKS!, Black Chair, and any other show type, well-behaved children aged seven (7) and older are welcome. In order to respect the experience of all audience members, we ask that you not bring children under 7 years to our shows. Audience members with small children should be prepared to step outside if the younger ones become disruptive. Thank you for understanding and for being respectful of all audience members.

Is parking available?

Parking is available on-street only. On evenings and weekends, street parking is free. Plan ahead as it can be busy!

What time do the doors open for audience members?

Doors open 1/2 an hour before showtime.

Can I bring my own food and/or beverages?

For health code reasons, outside food and water is not permitted at Magenta Theater. Our concessions stand is open at nearly every performance, and offers a wide variety of snacks, water, and soda for purchase. Alcoholic drinks and cocktails are also available for purchase at most performances for guests 21+.


How do I audition for a show?

Visit our Auditions Page for upcoming opportunities for actors.

What is Magenta's understudy policy?

When an actor understudies for a role, they will always have another purpose. They will either play a minor part in addition to understudying, or function as part of the back-stage crew for performances. An understudy should be prepared to attend all blocking rehearsals for the character they are understudying for. An understudy is welcome to attend all rehearsals but it is not required. Sufficient attendance to guarantee reasonable proficiency in the role is acceptable. Understudies are responsible for keeping in touch with the overstudies to find out if any changes to blocking have been made since the initial blocking rehearsals. If the over-study (person cast in the role that is being understudied) cannot attend a rehearsal, it is the over-study’s responsibility to contact the understudy to make sure they are there to fill in. This does not give the over-study free reign to skip rehearsals. Overstudies are responsible for getting any blocking or notes from the understudies prior to the next rehearsal for those scenes. Being an understudy is an excellent way to become involved in our company. It gives actors an opportunity to ‘check us out’ as well as giving our directors an opportunity to scope out talent for future productions. Understudies are a vital part of our company.