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Improv Nite with BlackProv and Friends


April 8, 2023

Come embrace the Spring weather with two great performance groups hosted by Magenta Theater. Our guests are not new to improv, but this is their first appearance on our stage and we know you will have an entertaining evening of laughs. Come bring your friends for a variety of improv that will leave you wanting more.

FLOR Poster_V1.jpg



by local playwright KC Cooper

April 14 - 30, 2023

It’s 2009 and Larry’s in a pickle. The market has crashed and he and his friend Richard are facing financial ruin, jail time and worse--they’re afraid their wives will find out. Together, they craft a scheme that will solve all their financial and legal problems, by arranging the theft of a valuable piece of jewelry worth millions. Enter Frank and Henny, two bumbling burglars they hired who just can’t seem to get the job done. Will they beat the deadline before their world comes crashing down? This fast-paced, dark comedy explores the consequences of greed, lust, and entitlement that will keep the audience, and characters, guessing until the very end.

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