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A New Act Begins: Magenta Theater Celebrates Eileen Leyva's Role as Managing Director

Magenta Theater is thrilled to announce the appointment of Eileen Leyva as the new Managing Director, bringing a wealth of artistic expertise and management experience to Vancouver’s esteemed non-profit theater.


"We look forward to the dynamic leadership and creative vision that Eileen will bring to our organization,” said Angela Wall, Magenta Theater board president. “Their enthusiastic drive and experience will help Magenta Theater continue its 21-year tradition of community theater excellence in Vancouver."

Meet Eileen Leyva

A versatile artist with roots in the vibrant cultural crossroads of Tijuana, Mexico, and San Diego, Eileen Leyva's passion for the arts began in their formative years. Eileen holds a degree in Theater Arts with an emphasis in performance and directing from Vanguard University, complemented by minors in music and religion.


Diverse Experience

Eileen's journey includes being an integral member of a touring improv and sketch comedy team, assuming the role of area manager at Amazon, and holding titles such as resident stage manager, operations manager, and digital marketing director.


Advocacy for Diversity and Inclusion

Beyond artistic pursuits, Eileen ardently advocates for diversity, inclusion and representation in the arts and entertainment industry. Their profound belief in the power of equitable and diverse storytelling will undoubtedly enrich Magenta Theater's programming.


Embracing Vancouver

Venturing into the Pacific Northwest, Eileen fell in love with Vancouver and quickly immersed themselves in the artistic community after a COVID-19 induced hiatus.


Excitement for the Future

Eileen most recently served as a customer engagement specialist at a capital market company. They are enthusiastic about launching this new endeavor serving the Vancouver community.


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