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Much Ado About Nothing


Adapted and Directed by David Roberts

PERFORMED LIVE: September 10 - 25, 2021


STREAMED VIRTUALLY: DECember 10 - 12, 2021

This is a past magenta theater production that showed LIVE in september 2021 & STREAMED VIRTUALLY IN DECEMBER 2021


Beatrice and Benedick are adamant in their mutual dislike, while Claudio and Hero are deeply in love. The two stories take an unexpected course when their world is shattered by a scheming malcontent who makes a shocking accusation.  With "helpful" friends and relatives mixed into the story, comedic romps, and hints of romance and betrayal, the play is sure to entertain.


From the director who brought you Steampunk Romeo & Juliet in 2014 comes one of Shakespeare's best comedies set in 1940's war-torn England.  This adaption takes the characters and moments everyone enjoys and transports audiences to a different period in time.  A trio of singers bring harmonious hits from the era via lively musical interludes. “Ado” is a great introduction for those who are timid about the Bard (Shakespeare).