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Improv Nite with BlackProv and Friends

a special guest performance

Saturday, April 8th, 2023 @ 7:30P

Doors open 1/2 hour before show starts


Come embrace the Spring weather with THREE great performance groups hosted by Magenta Theater. Our guests are not new to improv, but this is their first appearance on our stage and we know you will have an entertaining evening of laughs. Come bring your friends for a variety of improv that will leave you wanting more.



BlackProv is Michael Buchanan, Leann Johnson and Jamie Montgomery—three seasoned improvisational actors coming together to entertain through the lens and experiences of People of Color. BlackProv will present their improv format “Barber Shop,” which raised and rattled the roof at the 2022 ComedySportz Worldwide Championship. With a suggestion from the audience, BlackProv will weave a story following three characters as they make their way in a business venture, navigating their history, familial connections, care for and annoyance with each other.


Music has a way of telling a story without words. Images are often painted in our minds as the rhythm and melodies of a song fill the air. Score! is composed of a group of improvisers who act out stories inspired by lines provided by the audience while accompanied by thematic instrumental music. The actors show the audience the scene, rather than tell it in words. Fun and inspiring, Score! brings back the magic and amazement of silent film to the stage. We hope you enjoy the show! Score! originated in 2012 and has been performing ever since. Developed by Brooke Chamberlain, Score! combines her love of thematic music and physical comedy together in an energetic and physical format. Score! performs regularly at CSz Portland, and has appeared at other theater locations in the area.


Electric Baguette joins Improv Nite, featuring Cat Hayes, Emma Pace Jonas, and Chuck Williamson!

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