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Bedtime Stories

(As Told By Our Dad) (Who Messed Them Up)


Written by Ed Monk

Directed by Maddi Dorry

saturday, MAY 6th, 2023

11:00aM & 2:00PM


show information

Saturday, May 6th @ 11:00Am & 2:00PM


It's Dad's turn to tell his three rambunctious kids their bedtime stories, but when he gets fuzzy on the details, the classics get creative: a prince with a snoring problem spices up The Princess and The Pea, The Boy Who Cried Wolf cries dinosaur instead, and Rumpelstiltskin helps turn all that pesky gold into straw. You may think you know your fairy tales, but not the way Dad tells them.

Meet the Cast

cast of characters

Dad: Kyle Johnson

ROSIE: Jennifer Thoreson

Katie: Kristen Bennett

Ashley: Mindy Rees

Fairytale Characters

Prime Minister/Mayor: Ken Hoyt

Queen/Sheep: Angela Wall

Prince 1/Militia: Rob Hurst

Mindy/Militia: Olivia Heulitt

Princess 1/Mother: Beverley Anne Robb

Princess 2/Bo Peep: Jessica Derakhshandeh

Horace/Prince 2: Mike Anikin

Father/Rumpelstiltskin: Tony Provenzola

Captain/Poor Woman: Jackie Allen-Bond

Daughter/Sheep: Holly Savannah Hanson

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