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By Lauren Gunderson
& Margot Melcon

The Wickhams: Christmas at Pemberley

By Lauren Gunderson and Margot Melcon

Directed by Michael Reid




Join us for auditions and be a part of this enchanting holiday production! We're seeking dedicated actors to bring these engaging characters to life. Auditions will consist of sides and cold readings. Callbacks will be held later on Friday, September 1 after auditions.



Weekdays 6:30-9:30pm, Saturdays 10-3pm unless otherwise specified


Weekdays & Saturdays @ 7:30pm, SUNdayS @ 2:00PM

12/1/23 - 12/17/23


Gunderson and Melcon once again bring Austen’s beloved characters to the stage for a yuletide sequel to Pride and Prejudice. While MISS BENNET depicted the newly wed Darcys’ Christmas gathering on the ground floor of Pemberley, THE WICKHAMS takes audiences to the downstairs servants’ quarters for that same celebration. Mrs. Reynolds, a no-nonsense housekeeper; Cassie, an eager new maid; and Brian, a lovesick footman, are bustling with preparations for holiday guests. But their work is interrupted by the midnight arrival of the definitely not invited Mr. Wickham—Lydia’s rogue of a husband and Mr. Darcy’s sworn enemy. THE WICKHAMS is a charming holiday tale that explores the confines of class and the generosity of forgiveness.


  • Mrs. Reynolds (F) Late 50s, early 60s, the loyal housekeeper at Pemberley, Mrs. Reynolds is practical and dependable. She knows all and sees all, has been on staff since Darcy was a child, a mother figure to the household. She is dedicated to ensuring that the estate runs smoothly and is a warm presence for the residents.

  • Brian (M) Late teens to late 20s, a footman at Pemberley, in love with technology and inventions, sincere and earnest, perhaps a bit arrogant.

  • Cassie (F) Late teens to early 20s, the new housemaid, a village girl, an orphan who came from less than nothing. The opportunity to work at Pemberley means security she has never had, and she takes this job very seriously. She is sometimes maybe too eager and a bit headstrong.

  • Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy (M) Established middle years, head and owner of Pemberley. A central character of "Pride and Prejudice" and now married to Elizabeth, Darcy is reserved yet deeply caring. He shows his love through thoughtful gestures and is committed to his family.

  • Mrs. Elizabeth Darcy (F) Mid- to late 20s, mistress of Pemberley. The protagonist of "Pride and Prejudice" and now married to Mr. Darcy, Elizabeth is intelligent, witty, and warm-hearted. She is a natural leader and a pillar of the family.

  • George Wickham (M) 30s-ish, the infamous George Wickham is charming on the surface but harbors a manipulative and deceitful nature. He has a knack for stirring up trouble and creating tension. Grew up at Pemberley, son of the former steward, once a soldier, has been in and out of trouble (of his own making) his whole life.

  • Lydia Wickham  (F) Late teens to early 20s, a bright, warm, and charming personality, if sometimes a bit much, eloped with Wickham at 15 and is now somewhat trapped in this marriage. The youngest Bennet sister, Lydia is vivacious and flirtatious. She brings energy and excitement to the gathering, along with a hint of drama.

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