About Magenta Academy

A core goal of Magenta Theater is to impact where we live and to create community - one stage at a time.

Part of this is to provide opportunities for the community to learn and hone the craft of performing arts…be it on stage, through technical design or penning the next production. Magenta Academy realizes that the student 
of the theater arts gains a set of skills that are unique and highly valuable, including confidence and collaboration. 

Magenta values integrity and quality in everything we do. Our classes are taught by highly skilled, experienced instructors who have a commitment, not only to the theater, but also to those wishing to grow through this art form. We work hard to ensure that our instructors have both the education and credentials.



What Magenta Academy Has to Offer

Magenta Theater Academy provides classes for youth and adults that reside in the Vancouver and Portland area communities. We strongly believe in the power of this collaborative art form to build discipline, engage teamwork, develop confidence, and foster both creative and critical thinking skills. To allow Magenta instructors to keep their focus on the process and development of students, classes are always kept small to allow one on one instruction.  Students gain solid training and develop true and applicable skills that can be used on the stage and in the world around them.

Magenta Theater Academy also utilizes guest speakers and instructors to enrich the curriculum and provide students with a variety of resources for theater knowledge, technique and theory. We value our reputation for quality and integrity that skilled, experienced instructors support. Education plus credentials provide students with the best experience possible.